Scope of Activities

  1. Design and prognosis of drilling, completion and workover programs, as well as testing programs of exploration, delineation and development wells both onshore and offshore and seconding expert manpower at rig site and in Client’s office as per request of the clients.
  2. Supervision of daily drilling and workover/ completion operation activities and testing of the wells as per request by the Client, at the rig site and or in the Client’s office.
  3. Supervision of geological operations, rock and fluid sampling, coring operations, well logging, formation top picking, casing shoe set up points, perforation jobs etc at the rig site and/or in the Client’s office.
  4. Preparation of daily drilling and geological reports, composite logs and well final completion reports.
  5. Preparation of technical spec for material, services, in-hole and surface equipments needed in drilling workover and completion campaigns both onshore and offshore.
  6. Technical analysis for selection of drilling rigs together with their peripheral machineries commensurate with drilling, workover and completion requirements as wells as drilling services both onshore and offshore.
  7. Preparation of tender documents for all drilling services, equipments, material and logistic and support services for drilling, workover and completion operations.
  8. Evaluation of the proposed contractor bids and providing the Clients with expert consultancy for selection of the optimal drilling contractors for supply of equipment, material and supporting services.
  9. Acquiring agency and representing the drilling equipment manufacturers and providers of drilling, completion and workover services.
  10. Procurement of material and equipment and the related services for drilling oil and gas wells, their transportation to the destination and providing custom services as per requirement of the drilling campaigns.