Partnership with Eastern Drilling Services (EDS) for Drilling Projects in Iran, Pakistan and Other Markets


Over the period of 2006-07, Schlumberger left certain areas of Pakistan due to security risks

  • This created a need for an organization which would fill the gap with a different assessment of security situation
  • Company was incorporated by a team of professionals in Jul 2009
  • It bought state of the art equipment to be able to provide directional drilling services in Pakistan and the Region
  • The first directional drilling job was completed in early 2010

The Company’s standing in the market grown considerably over the past four years and it managed to secure contracts.

  • The Company won its first directional drilling contract in KRG with OMV, MOL and GEP Aspect Energy KRG in 2010
  • The company is currently serving four years contract with MOL


  • Well Engineering and Planning

           – Drilling Optimization study

           – Well Trajectory Design

          – Bottom Hole Assembly Design

          – Torque & Drag Analysis

          – Hydraulics Analysis

          – Anti-Collision Analysis

          – Uncertainly Calculations

  • Performance Drilling

          – High Torque / High Power Motors to improve drilling efficiency in vertical drilling

  • Electronics Multi-shot Wellbore Survey
  • North Seeking Gyro Wellbore Survey

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