Mother Company

Tehran Energy Consultants (TEC)

TEC, is an Iranian company founded in 1991 and is based in Tehran. The prime objective of the company is to provide technical advice and assistance to the oil and gas industry in the areas of exploration, reservoir management and well technology. As such, TEC is the leading company of its kind established in Iran with the main devotion to the upstream studies.

The current group forming the company has vast experience in almost all aspects of petroleum exploration and exploitation studies, including but not limited to, reservoir, production, drilling engineering studies. The experts of TEC during their relatively long careers, mainly with the Iranian Oil Industry, have been involved in seismic interpretations, geological and petrophysical studies, reservoir description, reservoir modeling and simulation studies, reserve evaluations and the related uncertainty and risk analyses, well pressure test design and interpretations, drilling engineering, work over and completion design and evaluations, well bore hydraulic studies, gas and submersible pump lift design and studies, design and operation of surface facilities as well as overall economic evaluations and Master development plan preparation for both offshore and onshore fields in Iran.


TEC Main Areas of Expertise:

  • Exploration:

                   –  Studies

                   –  Supervision

  • Petroleum Engineering:

                  –  Reservoir Characterization

                  –  Reservoir Engineering

                  –  Production Engineering

                  –  Well Testing

                 –  Field Development Planning

                 –  Bids and Projects  


TEC Credentials:

  • TEC is registered and certified upstream petroleum consulting company by the Planning and Management Department of IRIR, and ranked highest in the area of upstream studies and the related services.
  • TEC is ranked as the highest category of local upstream consultancy by NIOC entitled to conduct giant and complicated full field reservoir simulation studies.
  • In the Ninth Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition held in Tehran on 9th July 2004, TEC was awarded the National Prize by the Oil Ministry for its achievements in the upstream activities.
  • TEC is the member of Iran Management Consultants Association.
  • TEC with KLENERGY has acquired license from Petronas for involvement in their projects worldwide.



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